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Join us on our adventure to rescue 

Our rescue is founded on a mission to rescue dogs who are all deserving of a second chance.

With the support we receive, we are able to have a further reach in achieving this goal. 

Help us, help them.

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Dedicated to Giving Dogs the Best Second Chance

On November 26th 2022, we hosted our first Santa & Pup Photoshoot! 

We are so appreciative of all the support we received from the community. 

Our goal with this event was to show our appreciation for all the family pets in our community and create a space where our pups could be involved in the joys of the holiday season!

Thank you once again to all those who participated and donated to Love 4 Paws Dog Rescue.

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Love 4 Paws Dog Rescue on Facebook and Instagram will stay updated with all of our newest adoptable dogs, events, success stories and much more.


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