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Adoption Application

Love 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc.

Thank you for considering the adoption of a rescue dog!

Responsible pet ownership requires a commitment to provide support, care and companionship for the life of the animal. The decision to adopt a pet is a significant responsibility. Please take a few moments to carefully read and fill out the application below. 

Adoption Application

(please fill in all required fields that have a*)

Full Name*

Email Address*

Are you interested in adopting a specific dog that is available for adoption? If so, who are you interested in?

If the dog you are interested in is no longer available for adoption or if you are not selected as the adopter for the dog, would you be interested in adopting a different dog? This can result in being added to a list that will match you with a dog that would suit your expectations and lifestyle.*

Street Address*



Postal Code*

Phone Number*

Do you currently live in a:*

Do you currently: *

If you are renting, are dogs allowed?

If you are renting, please provide your landlords' name and contact information

Do you have a fenced yard?*

If you do have a fenced yard, what is the height of your fence?

How many adults live in your home?*

How many children reside in your home?*

If children are present, how old are they?

Have you ever had a rescue dog before?*

Do you have other pets? If so, describe them.*

If applicable, how do you plan to introduce your current pets to a rescue dog?

Do you have a veterinarian? If so, what is their name and contact information?*

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of this dog?*

Tell me about a typical week in your home. This includes your work schedule, others work schedules, activities, etc. How does a dog fit into this schedule?*

Have you ever had any behavioural issues with any dogs in your past that you had to work through?*

What are your exercise plans for the dog?*

Have you ever participated in any type of obedience training in the past. If so, please describe your experience.*

Most dogs require some form of training/what are your plans for training? (willing to seek professional help?)*

What behaviours are you willing to work on?*

What are the characteristics that you are looking for in a dog? (low vs. high energy, age, good with kids, good with other dogs, good with cats, calm/hyper, size, etc.). Please give us as much detail as possible.*

Where will the dog spend his/her days and nights?*

What are your plans for the dogs when you travel?*

A crate is a key tool in the adjustment period. How do you feel about crate training?*

Under what circumstances would you NOT keep this dog?*

Please provide us with 3 references*

Is there anything else that we should know?

I certify that the information shown above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also acknowledge that falsification of any of the responses can result in my being denied adoption of an animal.*

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