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Fostering a dog

Our fosters are truly a large part of helping with the success of the rescue of many of the dogs we help. 

Fosters are the introduction to a home for many dogs. One of the first experiences of love and support for those who have not experienced the positive impact that we can give them.

There is no cost associated with fostering other than time and love for a dog in need. As a foster, you will be provided with food and all the necessary supplies for your new house guest. 

If you are interested in fostering with Love 4 Paws Dog Rescue, please fill out the form below. 

Foster Application

Full Name*

Email Address*

Cell Phone*

Street Address*



Postal Code*

What type of dogs are you interested in fostering?*

How long are you able to foster?*

How often will the dog be without human companionship?*

How will the dog spend most of its day? Please Explain.*

All dogs need time to adjust to a new environment. The first 3 days consist of settling in, the first three weeks are learning the rules of the house, and the first 3 months are fine tuning their lifestyle. Are you ready for potty training accidents, hair, chewed items, etc.?*

Who lives in your home? This includes: Cats? Other dogs? Children? Adults? Seniors? etc. (please provide ages). Include if your pets are spayed and neutered.*

Living arrangements: Please tell us what type of housing you have (eg. full-house, condo, apartment, motorhome. Is it rural, city, a ranch, etc. Do you own or rent?).*

Please tell us about the area outside your home (eg. fenced or unfenced yard? Porch? Kennel? Acreage? etc.). Please Explain.*

References (Please provide us with three references names, contact information, and relationship to the foster).*

What is the best way to contact you in regards to your application?*

We ask that fosters help promote their dog for adoption. This includes sending us photos, a biography and updates regarding the pup. Send this information to Do you agree to these terms?*

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us or that we should know?

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